Where do the different Sea Glass Colors come from?

All the colors of sea glass come from the original color of the bottle or glass object that they came from. Some of these items are more commonly found in the ocean than other which is why some colors are more popular than others. Here is a description of the different colors of sea glass along with pictures of sea glass my family and I have found over the past few years.

Brown sea glass is almost all from the broken beer bottles that have been thrown in the ocean. Brown is the most popular sea glass color because beer bottles are so plentiful.


Green is the next most common and also mostly comes from beer, wine, and soda bottles. There are many different shades of green because of the different kinds of green items.


Clear is not uncommon but is very difficult to find because you can see right through it. This clear sea glass comes from so many different items. So many things are made of clear glass. This includes glass bowls, containers, bottles, and glasses.


Blue is a beautiful color of sea glass but is rare compared to brown, green, and clear. It is also found from certain kinds of bottles. Beer bottles are more commonly green or brown than they are blue which is a reason blue is less common.


Sea glass can be made out of any glass which makes some colors very rare depending on how common that color glass is. Some rare sea glass is aqua, pink, red, and teal. These can come from a rare kind of bottle or household items.

For more information on the colors of sea glass you can visit a blog called Sea Glass Color or for insight on the rarer colors visit the blog Sea Glass Jewelry and read the article, Sea Glass Color Rarity Guide . Find Sea Glass is also a great place to read about each individual color and how rare it is.



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