What can I Make with Sea Glass?

The next best part about looking for sea glass is all the options you have after you find it. There are ways you can learn how to create jewelry with the sea glass yourself or search for places that can make it into jewelry for you. I have seen sea glass worn on earrings, bracelets, and my personal favorite, necklaces. I have a beautiful necklace with a green piece of sea glass with a little silver starfish with it. I think wearing things that mean something to you in much more exciting than having a random charm on a chain. If you enjoy looking for sea glass I strongly suggest buying or making jewelry so that it makes you smile and so that you can tell people about your hobby when they ask about what you’re wearing.

If you don’t wear jewelry or are looking to make something different with your sea glass, there are many crafts you could do with it too. Here are some websites and blogs that have great ideas. You could make these things and display them in your home, dorm, or store so that you always have something to remind you of searching the shore and so that people that happen to see can learn something new about you.

Here are some awesome websites that have great ideas for crafts that you can make with your sea glass!:)

30 Sea Glass Ideas & Projects, Lovely Greens 

Sea Glass Crafts, Martha Stewart 

Sea Glass Crafts, Red Ted Art

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